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Photos   -  Country Style: 90s Edition

 Vince Gill rockin' out in the 90s flannel.
 Patterned sweaters such as this one Garth Brooks is wearing was ever so popular in the 90s.
90s Look at those shoulder pads Martina McBride is wearing!
 Many women cut their hair short in the 90s- Faith Hill included.
 Patterned button ups were popular in the 90s. Here is Kenny Chesney showing his off in 1995.
 Belly shirts and high waist pants. Shania Twain wore them well.
 More patterns? Why yes! Tim McGraw shows off his patterned sweater vest in 1994.
 Along with the mullet, Toby Keith was into the trend of denim layered with more denim.
 Here is Deana Carter. Pairing brown with black was not a fashion faux pas in the 90s.