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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 6: Ep. 601

Waiting to Audition Candidates line up for auditions.
Checking In The candidates arrive for auditions.
Warming Up A candidate stretches before auditions.
Getting Ready Candidates try to look their best for auditions.
Judgement Day The judges talk to the girls.
Auditions A candidate shows her stuff.
Splits Splits are an important part of the routine.
Waiting for Results The girls wait to see if they make it through.
Big Smiles The girls give it all they've got.
Shake It Candidates audition for the team.
Getting Excited The candidates are excited about the possibility of making the team.
Hard Work The candidates learn a routine.
On the Field The candidates audition on the field.
The First Round The girls find out who made it to the next round.
Numbers Revealed The candidates find out who moves to the next round.