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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 6: Ep. 602

Give It All You've Got A candidate shows off her dance skills.
Attitude A candidate seems to enjoy her audition.
Style A candidate shows off her personality.
On the Field The girls audition in the stadium.
Yee-Haw! A candidate shows off a western routine.
Primping A candidate gets ready for her audition.
Fun Times Head choreographer Judy Trammell gets a laugh during auditions.
On the Big Screen Every move can be seen clearly on the stadium cameras.
Rehearsal Time The candidates learn new moves.
Time for a Chat The girls have a sit-down interview.
Getting Ready A candidate applies makeup before auditions.
Warming Up The girls get ready to audition.
Lesson Time The girls learn new dance moves.
Waiting The girls can only wait while the judges make their decisions.
The Waiting Game Candidates wait for results.
Who Will Move On? The girls are anxious to see who moves to the next round.
Making It Through The girls congratulate each other.