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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 6: Ep. 608

On the Field The girls practice their routine.
Surprise Courtney enjoys the experience.
DCC All Stars The DCC All Stars perform.
Kaitlin Kaitlin has a chat with Kelli.
Kelli Finglass Kelli is enjoying the big event.
Team Chat Kelli talks to the girls.
Physical Therapy Mackenzie gets medical attention.
Pom Poms The girls are excited about being on the team.
Cheering The girls cheer from the audience.
Big Performance The girls perform on stage.
Taking the Field The girls perform on the field.
New Boots The girls check out their white boots.
All in Line The girls practice their kick line.
Getting Ready The girls get their makeup done.
The Big Night The girls are ready to perform.
Squad Photo The girls have a squad photo taken.
Squad Photo The girls have a squad photo taken.
Warming Up The girls stretch at the bar.