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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 7

Cheerleader Hopeful An enthusiastic candidate shows her stuff.
Dance Routine Candidates dance in front of others who are trying out.
On the Field The girls perform on the field.
All Together Now The ladies show their stuff on the field.
In Line A candidate performs on the field.
Aim High The ladies kick in unison.
Big Smiles Candidates give it their best shot on the audition floor.
Kick Line Candidates do their best to keep together in the kick line.
Splits Being able to do the splits is an important part of being a Cowboys cheerleader.
Suspense Candidates wait to see if they get to move on to the next round of auditions.
Flashy Performance A candidate gives her best performance for the judges.
Spirited Dance A candidate has fun on the dance floor.
Cheers Some candidates cheer for those who move on, while others wait for their names to be called.
Show Your Stuff A candidate dances to impress the judges.
Taking the Field Candidates enjoy their time on the field.
Panel Discussion The judges decide who stays and who goes.
Congrats Candidates congratulate those who move on to the next round.
Ladies in Waiting The candiates wait to see if they progress to the next round.
Judges The judges look for the best talent.