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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 803

Marching Orders The ladies receive instruction on how to make it and succeed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.
Stretching Legs and Lungs As they prepare for practice, candidates lighten the mood by sharing some laughs.
Keep It Together The new candidates stand at attention and try to keep sharp during the grueling audition process.
Pom Practice Before you take it to the field, you got to make it sexy in the gym.
Stop and Go The potential cheerleaders learn that sometimes the hardest part of physical activity is the long periods of inactivity.
Ready, Set ... The women get ready to express themselves through the ancient art of synchronized cheering.
Stress A candidate sorts her thoughts in the midst of the demanding audition campaign and looks fabulous doing it.
Making It Perfect An instructor teaches a candidate proper technique.
Over There An exhausted cheerleader looks somewhere more interesting during some down time.
Body Image Trainers check the cheerleaders' weight, not only for reasons of vanity, but also for health during a grinding audition experience.