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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 804

Look the Part Candidate Emily practices her "flirty" look.
Together The hopefuls practice the kick line and jump splits for the first time.
Waiting on the Call Candidates consort while waiting for their interviews.
Give It All Emily keeps loose so she can show she deserves a spot on the team.
Pushing Through the Pain Emily lets her emotions show after a stern review by the coaches.
Getting Closer A candidate is fitted for shorts as she gets closer to achieving her dream.
This Is It Hopeful Jinelle shows off her newly-fitted Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform.
The Famous Rags A candidate gets fitted for the iconic uniform.
Show It Off A DCC hopeful gets comfortable in her new uniform.
The Gloves Come On In an effort to lose weight, hopeful Vivian prepares to get in the ring for some exercise.
Getting Physical One of the cheerleaders makes contact with a punch mitt during an intense workout session.
Agony As this hopeful learns, pain is a part of the game for those who want to be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.