CMT - Get country.

Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 807

Taking Work Home Ashley practices her dance moves at home.
Top of Their Game Morgan and Rachelle get in some practice.
Pompoms and Practice Kelli talks to the candidates in the practice gym.
Working Hard Candidates practice inside.
Boot Time These boots are made for cheering. Sorry, had to.
New Chapter Candidates walk to the practice field with their new boots.
Limber Up Rookies stretch on the field.
Got the Look Kaitlyn practices with pompoms.
Last Minute Details Judi makes choreography adjustments on the field.
Just Kicking It Hopefuls keep smiling faces while practicing the kick line.
Up in the Air The candidates get some altitude while practicing.
Get Set Hopefuls stand in formation, ready to start cheering.
Constructive Criticism Candidates listen as Kelli gives advice.
Keeping Positive Candidates share smiles as they wait on the field.
Safe and Sound A DCC hopeful puts her new boots away after a hard day of practice.