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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 808

Time to Shine Two DCC hopefuls give it all during their time in the spotlight.
Keeping Sharp A candidate gets close as she dances on the practice field.
Learning Curve The DCC ladies listen patiently.
Off the Field Fun The ladies dance in cowgirl costumes onstage.
Show It Off The ladies pose in front of their lockers as another cheerleader captures the scene.
All Together Now The cheerleaders rehearse as a team inside.
A World of Pure Imagination A rookie marvels at her new DCC dressing room.
Locker Looks The ladies' lockers are filled with boots, blouses, bags, bottles and some other stuff that doesn't start with a 'b.'
Get Our Good Sides One cheerleader captures her teammate posing with a photo of herself on her locker so she can later look at the photo of herself posing with the photo of herself.
Stardom No uniform is complete without the iconic Cowboys star.
Group Shot The cheerleaders pose for a team photo.
Anticipation Rookies excitedly await their chance to go on the field.