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Photos   -  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Season 6: Preliminary Auditions

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Hopefuls Contestants from around the United States come to the tryouts.
And They're Off... Which of these cheerleaders have what it takes to make it to the next round?
The Journey Begins The search will narrow down to just 34 for the final team.
First Things First A group of girls introduce themselves to the judges.
Tough Competition Cheerleaders show off their skills to the judges.
Having Some Fun A cheerleader strikes a pose on the dance floor.
Glitz and Glamour Showing some dazzling dance moves
All Smiles Nothing but smiles from all the cheerleaders photo picture
Ready to Perform A group of girls are eager to showcase their routines.
Hello A team-hopeful introduces herself to the judges.
Pretty in Pink Getting sassy on the dance floor
Standing Out A cheerleader shows her best moves to the judges.
Calm Before the Storm Patiently waiting the signal to begin her performance
Striking Poses A contestant shows off a cheer routine.
From Ear to Ear A great smile after a great performance
Pirouettes Cheerleaders combine dance, gymnastics and ballet in their performances.
Just Having Some Fun Through all the tough athletic dancing, cheerleaders keep it spirited.
A Round of Applause Team hopefuls cheer on the other candidates.
Learning the Moves Each cheerleader gets to individualize sections of the routine.
Making It Your Own A cheerleader adds her own impressive flair to choreography.
Cheerful A cheerleader smiles big during her routine.
Strut With Style Contestants share space since several girls compete on the dance floor at once.
The Judges Judges take notes to determine who has the potential to be on the team.
The Group Gets Smaller Which of these three contestants has the skills to make it past the prelims?
Awaiting Results Cheerleaders await to see if they made it past the preliminary auditions.
Find Your Number The numbers of the girls who would make it to the next round were unveiled.
A Captured Moment Cheerleaders took pictures of their number posted on the board that indicated they would move on past the prelims.
Did She Make It? An excited contestant finds out she made it past preliminary auditions.