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Photos   -  Danger Coast

Fireboat 1 Fireboat 1 rushes to an emergency involving a submerged vehicle.
Under Control The fireboat crew battle to keep the fire under control.
Dousing the Fire Thousands of gallons of water are needed to fight this fire.
All the Right Tools Javy uses all the tools at his disposal while battling a boat fire.
Burning Yacht The fireboat crew unleash thousands of gallons of water onto the burning yacht.
Skillful Crew A stubborn fire rages on a yacht as the fireboat crew spring into action.
Emergency Call Lt. Houghtaling responds to an emergency call for help involving a submerged vehicle.
On the Horizon The fireboat responds to doom on the horizon.
Yacht Fire The fireboat approaches a huge yacht fire with hoses at the ready.
Ready for Anything Lt. Houghtaling suits up to tackle a raging fire on yacht.
Serious Fire The fireboat crew attack a serious fire on a pleasure craft.
Calling the Crew Ozzie Alvarez coordinates the crew while battling the yacht fire.
Yacht Fire Lives are saved, but the yacht is destroyed and sinking quickly