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Help on the Way A fireboat is on the way to a rescue.
Injured Manatee The Florida Wildlife Commission and State Marine biologists work with the Fireboat crew to save a manatee.
Injured Manatee The teams work together to try and pull a manatee onto the boat so it can get treatment. The manatee did not survive.
Man Overboard The crew makes sure everyone is accounted for after a boat capsizes.
Water Rescue The crew rescues passengers from a capsized boat.
Potential Danger A family fears that their anchor is stuck on a power line.
Rough and Ready The crew is ready for any water emergency.
Hard at Work The crew must be prepared for any water emergency.
Helping Hand Nick boards a Coast Guard boat to check on victims.
Fire on the Water The crew arrives on the scene of a major boat fire.
In Action The crew works with other emergency teams to put out a fire.
Fireboat 1 Fireboat 1 rushes to an emergency involving a submerged vehicle.
Under Control The fireboat crew battle to keep the fire under control.
Dousing the Fire Thousands of gallons of water are needed to fight this fire.
All the Right Tools Javy uses all the tools at his disposal while battling a boat fire.
Burning Yacht The fireboat crew unleash thousands of gallons of water onto the burning yacht.
Skillful Crew A stubborn fire rages on a yacht as the fireboat crew spring into action.
Emergency Call Lt. Houghtaling responds to an emergency call for help involving a submerged vehicle.
On the Horizon The fireboat responds to doom on the horizon.
Yacht Fire The fireboat approaches a huge yacht fire with hoses at the ready.
Ready for Anything Lt. Houghtaling suits up to tackle a raging fire on yacht.
Serious Fire The fireboat crew attack a serious fire on a pleasure craft.
Calling the Crew Ozzie Alvarez coordinates the crew while battling the yacht fire.
Yacht Fire Lives are saved, but the yacht is destroyed and sinking quickly