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Photos   -  Dog and Beth: On the Hunt - Action in Jackson -- Part 1

Support System Jeff and Dion (front) share a hug.
Lending a Hand Leland and Beth talk to Jeff about their next case.
Gathering Info Beth looks through paperwork prior to heading out.
Not Messing Around Leland has his gear ready.
Checking Out the Situation The crew looks around a warehouse.
You Can Run But You Can't Hide Leland shines a flashlight while on the hunt.
Don't Mess With Dog Dog is hard at work in Michigan.
Figuring Out Their Next Move Jeff (left), Dog and Beth talk about the man they're searching for.
No Stone Left Unturned Leland looks through a window during a search.
Ready to Ride Dog is ready to head to the next location.
Bad Idea An onlooker (right) starts an argument with the crew.