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Photos   -  Dog and Beth: On the Hunt - Popcorn Bounty

Help Has Arrived Beth shakes hands with Chris McNeil of Outlaw Bail Bonds.
Training Session Shannon Lunsford (left) and Randall Wheeler listen to what the Chapmans have to say about bounty hunting.
Demonstration Time Dog (right) shows Shannon Lunsford the proper technique in handcuffing.
Knock Knock Leland (left) covers Chris McNeil as they search for a fugitive.
Do the Right Thing Dog (center) talks to the friend of a jumper and Chris McNeil.
Got Her Bre Bryant (left) and Beth walk a fugitive out of her house.
Who's Next? Kelly McNeil (right) of Outlaw Bail Bonds chats with Dog and Beth.
Ready to Roll Beth is ready to pursue the next jump.
A Careful Balance Dakota jumps a fence while searching for a fugitive.
Popcorn Bounty Hunting Dog updates Beth about the fugitive they're pursuing.
Bounty Hunting Couple Bre Bryant and Randall Wheeler of Outlaw Bail Bonds team up with the Chapmans.