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Photos   -  All Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Pictures

Waiting It Out Beth and the crews wait for a runner to arrive.
Keep Your Eyes Peeled The Statewide team wait for a runner to arrive at his cousin's house.
Job Well Done Boo and the rest of the team get their man.
Let's Hear It Brandi talks to the runner.
Intense Training Brandi (left), Brittney and Megan listen as the Chapmans teach a lesson in bounty hunting.
Feeling It Fox (center) gets tased during the team's training.
Get Him! The crew chase down Dakota during their training session.
Fast on His Feet Dakota runs away from the Statewide team during a mock arrest.
Cuff Him Dakota is handcuffed during Statewide's training.
Going on Foot The teams head to a runner's house.
Wrapping Up The Chapmans and the Statewide crew celebrate their collaboration.
How Do You Do? Dog (left) shakes hands with Ben.
Talking Business Boo and Beth talk about bounty hunting.
Getting to Know One Another Beth (left) and Dakota hang out with the Donnes family.
Taking It Easy The Chapmans and Donnes crew enjoy a crawfish boil.
Let's Do This Dog, Brandi and their crews arrest a runner.
The Pursuit Leland and Beth approach the house of a runner.
Not a Happy Camper Beth gives tips on writing bonds.
Talking About Bail Bonds Dog chats with Erminio Martinez about his business.
Meetin the Chapmans Erminio Martinez sits down with Dog and Beth.
Girl Power Amy Romero (left) and Beth head out on the hunt.
Giving Guidance Beth offers advice about driving during a hunt.
Dakota Gives Directions Dakota helps Beth and Amy Romero find the house they need to search.
Making the Call Dakota (right) and Dog call the runner after not finding him at his address.
Talking It Out Dog (left) and Erminio Martinez talk to a runner.
Power Couple Beth and Dog celebrate catching their man.
Learning the Tools of the Trade Dakota (left), Amy Romera and Leland try out a GPS system.
Riding With the Judge Dog talks to Erminio Martinez during a chase.
Checking Things Out Leland searches for a runner.
Getting the Lowdown Dog talks to Gage Huffstetler about the jumper they're pursuing.