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Photos   -  All Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Pictures

Paintball With the Chapmans The Chapman clan gets together for a friendly game of paintball.
One Day at a Time Dog (left) gives Christopher a pep talk before paintball.
Paintball Planning Kaleo (right) and the gang talk strategy before the paintball game.
Thank You for Family The Chapman family and friends gather for prayer.
Party Time Beth (second from right) discusses the plans for Dog's birthday party.
The Walk Through Beth (left) chats with the party planner before the festivities.
Your Car Awaits Dog's driver waits by the Rolls-Royce that takes him to the party.
Surprise! Dog is stunned when he walks into the party.
Smile for the Camera Beth (left) and Dog snap a few photos during the party.
Like Father, Like Son Dakota (left) and Leland are all smiles while they listen to Dog's speech.
No Words The Chapmans are shocked when Christopher takes the stage.
No Words Dog (right) receives the honor of Kentucky Colonel.
Put Your Hands Up Beth (middle) sings along with the band.
Grandpa and Me Dog and his granddaughter enjoy the evening's entertainment.
To-Do List Dog and Beth's daughters are along for the ride while Beth runs errands.
Surprise! Dog closes his eyes before Beth and his granddaughter give him his big (or should we say small) birthday gift.
Dog and Maddie Dog and his granddaughter Maddie walk hand in hand.
It's Time We Talk Dog and Beth have a conversation about his son's well being.
Long Walks on the Beach Dog and Beth take a romantic stroll along the beach before his birthday party.
Words of Wisdom Beth's brother Tim (left) and Dog's eldest son Christopher have a heart to heart.
Welcome Back Dog welcomes his eldest son, Christopher, to his home in Hawaii after many years.
Hugs All Around The Chapman family gives Dog's son Christopher a warm welcome.
What's Up With Your Pants Dog and Beth ask Christopher to change his pants because they're too big.
Pumping Iron Leland (in front) and Kaleo show the guys a thing or two about staying in shape.
That's a Good Dog Beth holds the puppy she's giving to Dog.
No Peeking Dog and his granddaughter close their eyes before the big birthday gift surprise.
Just You Wait The Chapman's wait to see Dog's reaction to his present.
Family Time Kaleo Padilla and his family spend quality time at home.
Do Your Research Dog and Leland look over a fugitive's file.
Listen Up Dakota is all ears when Dog has something to say.