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Photos   -  Gator 911 Ep. 103

Big Guy The crew rescues alligators of all sizes.
Marshy Swamp The crew catches a gator in a muddy swamp.
Ready for the Road This gator is taped up and ready to be moved to its new home.
Meet Cassie Alligator Cassie measured 6 feet long and weighed 82 pounds. She was found hanging out in a cattail marsh.
On Target Damon prepares to jump in a pond to catch a gator.
Teamwork Damon and Gary pull the gator to the bank.
Meet Amy Alligator Amy measures 5 feet 5 inches long and weighs 53 pounds. She was found in a family's pond.
To Catch a Thief Gary pounces on an alligator that has been eating crawfish from a farm.
Meet Betsy Alligator Betsy is a big girl at 6 feet 7 inches long and weighing in at 166 pounds. She was caught on a crawfish farm.
The Search Gia learns to catch an alligator while blindfolded.
Big Bite This large alligator makes his home at Gator Country.