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Photos   -  Gator 911 Ep. 104

Come On Out Gary gets ready to catch a gator as it comes out from under an RV.
Meet Rosaline Alligator Rosaline measured 6 feet 5 inches and was found in an RV park.
Stubborn Bruce The crew pulls alligator Bruce from a hole.
Bath Time The gators get a bath before going on the road.
Teamwork A large snake is being carried by school kids as part of educational program.
Fundraising Gators Children learn about alligators in a fundraising event.
Yard Work Neighbors watch an alligator being pulled out of a ditch.
Helping Hands Neighbors help move alligator Ike to the trailer.
New Home Alligator Ike is set loose in his new home at Gator Country.
Meet Ike Alligator Ike is a big boy at 7 feet 8 inches and 235 pounds. He was found in a backyard ditch.