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Photos   -  All Gator 911 Pictures

Come On Out Gary gets ready to catch a gator as it comes out from under an RV.
Meet Rosaline Alligator Rosaline measured 6 feet 5 inches and was found in an RV park.
Stubborn Bruce The crew pulls alligator Bruce from a hole.
Bath Time The gators get a bath before going on the road.
Teamwork A large snake is being carried by school kids as part of educational program.
Fundraising Gators Children learn about alligators in a fundraising event.
Yard Work Neighbors watch an alligator being pulled out of a ditch.
Helping Hands Neighbors help move alligator Ike to the trailer.
New Home Alligator Ike is set loose in his new home at Gator Country.
Meet Ike Alligator Ike is a big boy at 7 feet 8 inches and 235 pounds. He was found in a backyard ditch.
Big Guy The crew rescues alligators of all sizes.
Marshy Swamp The crew catches a gator in a muddy swamp.
Ready for the Road This gator is taped up and ready to be moved to its new home.
Meet Cassie Alligator Cassie measured 6 feet long and weighed 82 pounds. She was found hanging out in a cattail marsh.
On Target Damon prepares to jump in a pond to catch a gator.
Teamwork Damon and Gary pull the gator to the bank.
Meet Amy Alligator Amy measures 5 feet 5 inches long and weighs 53 pounds. She was found in a family's pond.
To Catch a Thief Gary pounces on an alligator that has been eating crawfish from a farm.
Meet Betsy Alligator Betsy is a big girl at 6 feet 7 inches long and weighing in at 166 pounds. She was caught on a crawfish farm.
The Search Gia learns to catch an alligator while blindfolded.
Big Bite This large alligator makes his home at Gator Country.
To Catch a Gator Arlie gets ready to get in the water to find a gator, armed only with a stick.
Whatever It Takes Arlie chases an alligator out of a pipe, and Gary goes for the catch.
Meet Mozell Mozell, at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing in at 56 pounds, was caught in an eight-acre pond.
One of the Boys This alligator made himself at home in the men's bathoom of a Cowboy Church.
Testing the Gator Gary tests the gator's temper before making the rescue.
Get a Grip The alligator starts to roll. Watch those fingers.
Lou's New Home Lou gives one last hiss at the crew as he is released in the pond at Gator Country.
Lou and the Gang Alligator Lou with the men who found him in a Cowboy Church bathroom. Lou is 6 feet 1 inch long and weighs 64 pounds.
Gary Takes the Plunge Gary dives in the muddy water to catch an alligator.