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Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach is horsing around.
Riding About The cast goes for a ride.
Ranch Hands The cast hangs out on the ranch.
Lorenzo Lamas Lorenzo Lamas' cowboy look
Chris Kirkpatrick Chris Kirkpatrick is chillin'.
Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson checks out the action.
Mikalah Gordon Mikalah Gordon is going country.
Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach with a country look
Sean Young Sean Young enjoys ranch life.
Young Cowboy A young cowboy shows off his roping skills.
On the Fence The cast is hanging out on the ranch.j
Rope 'Em, Cowboy Chris Kirkpatrick learns to throw a rope.
Cowboy Jermaine Jermaine Jackson looks like a pro.
Tangled Sean Sean Young practices roping.
Cowgirl Mikalah Gordon smiles for the camera.
On the Ranch Lorenzo Lamas checks out the action.
Fun With Pigs Chris Kirkpatrick catches a pig.
Catching Pigs The cast tries to catch pigs.
All-Star Panel The cast judges country music hopefuls.
A New Look Lorenzo Lamas checks out a new jacket with designer Manuel.
The Designer Designer Manuel smiles in front of some of his creations.
The Designer Designer Manuel smiles in front of some of his creations.
On the Couch Sebastian Bach, Sean Young, Jermaine Jackson and Chris Kirkpatrick take a seat.
Smile Sebastian Bach poses during a photo shot.
How Do I Look? Mikalah Gordon in a gold dress.
Say Cheese Chris Kirkpatrick poses for a photo shoot.
Chris in Purple Chris Kirkpatrick tries out a shirt designed by Manuel.
Sean Young Sean Young in a photo shoot.
Meet the Songwriters Sebastian Bach meets his songwriters.
Sean's Songwriters Sean Young chats with her songwriters.