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Photos   -  Guntucky 201: Guns and Glory

Lock and Reload Season two of <I>Guntucky</I> is action packed with heat and excitement.
Meet the Cast The cast of <I>Guntucky</I> is sure to please the fans during season two.
Can You Feel the Heat? Sparks fly during the premiere of the second season of <I>Guntucky</I>.
Taking a Look Steven Sumner, range supervisor at the Knob Creek Gun Range, gets to work.
Fire Away One mother overcomes her fear of guns by properly learning how to use one.
Facing Her Fears One mother learns to fire a gun properly to overcome her phobia.
A Special Gift Steven Sumner (far right) works with the wife of an injured military veteran to surprise him with a custom rig.
Smoke and Fire The injured military veteran enjoys the custom rig where he is allowed to shoot the big guns he once used during training.
How Can I Help You? <I>Guntucky</I>'s Steven Sumner helps a customer at the Knob Creek Gun Range.
Taking Aim Gran-pa Biff Sumner Jr., focuses on his target.
Perfect Shot <I>Guntucky</I> is full of action-packed moments.