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Photos   -  Invitation Only: Brad Paisley

Kicking Off the Show Brad Paisley takes the stage for his taping of <I>Invitation Only</I> in Nashville.
Embracing the Mic Brad Paisley prepares to sing at his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance in Nashville.
Getting Ready Brad Paisley is ready to rock.
Playing his Hits Brad Paisley performs live.
Loving Every Second Brad Paisley shares a smile with fans at his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance.
Talking to the Audience Brad Paisley answers audience questions onstage.
Taking Questions The audience listens to Brad Paisley during <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Showing Off His Skills At his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance, Brad Paisley jams with his guitar.
Concentrating on the Notes Brad Paisley shows off his guitar skills on stage.
Playing Guitar Brad Paisley moves with the music during his performance.
Under the Spotlight Brad Paisley performs a guitar solo.
Strumming the Guitar Brad Paisley gets into the music at his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance.
Getting Serious Brad Paisley performs in Nashville during his edition of <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Getting Into the Music Brad Paisley plays his songs onstage in Nashville.