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Photos   -  Invitation Only: Darius Rucker

Posing for the Camera Darius Rucker sits backstage before his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance in Nashville.
Greeting the Audience Darius Rucker excites the crowd as he makes his way onto the stage.
Warming Up the Crowd Darius Rucker chats with his fans during his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance.
Breaking It Down Darius Rucker hits the high notes during his performance.
Listening to Fans Darius Rucker takes fan questions during his taping of <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Admiring the Audience Darius Rucker looks out at his fans during his performance.
Grooving on Stage Darius Rucker entertains the audience during his edition of <I>Invitation Only</I>.
On a Serious Note Darius Rucker performs live.
Singing His Hits Darius Rucker onstage during the taping of <I>Invitation Only</I>
Looking at the Audience Darius Rucker performs in an intimate setting for <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Putting on a Show Darius Rucker gets comfortable with his audience.
Serenading the Fans Darius Rucker sings on <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Smiling on Stage Darius Rucker enjoys his taping of <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Here's to You Darius Rucker sings his hits during <I>Invitation Only</I>.
Feeling the Music Darius Rucker plays along on the guitar during his <I>Invitation Only</I> taping.
Meeting His Fans Darius Rucker takes the time to meet his fans following his <I>Invitation Only</I> performance.