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Photos   -  My Big Redneck Vacation: Season 1 Photos

Target Practice The men take aim.
Hot Chicken The chickens get a bath and blow dry.
Wedding Planner Jared and Michelle's wedding planner arrives.
Aim High A neighbor learns how to shoot with a bow and arrow.
Joy Ride Neighbors enjoy hanging out with the family.
Mud Bogging The family brings the country to the Hamptons with some good ol' mud bogging.
Family Photo The family takes a break from rolling in the mud to smile for the camera.
Pony Up The family mount their horses and puts their game faces on.
Horsin' Around The girls take a break from being so serious during their polo lessons.
We Are the Champions After a long day of polo, the family walks away with a trophy.
Exploring New York The family embarks on an adventure in New York City.
It's A Bird, It's A Plane Aimee and Tammy are in awe of the cities skyscrapers.
Sightseeing The family listens intently to their tour guide while exploring Manhattan.
New York Skyline The family admires New York City from the water.
Going For A Swim The family takes a trip to the beach for the day.
Learning Tennis Michelle steps up for her turn to learn how to play tennis.
Zen Mode The family has a yoga instructor come to the house for a private class.
Girls Night out The girls invite some friends from The Hamptons out to celebrate Michelle's bachelorette party.
Moments to Remember Michelle and Wendy pose for the camera.
Exchanging Vows Michelle and Jared share their love for each other.
It's Official Jared kisses his bride, Michelle.