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Photos   -  My Big Redneck Wedding 2: Anna and Bo

The Wedding Party The wedding party is all dressed up and ready to party.
The Bride Anna is looking gorgeous in her white gown with red trim.
Let Them Eat Cake This beautiful cake carries the red and white theme.
Groom's Cake The groom's cake is a unique creation.
The Big Arrival The bridesmaids make their grand entrance.
Muddin' It wouldn't be a redneck wedding if there wasn't mud involved.
Wink Anna winks at the camera.
Handsome Pair Bo poses for a photo with Christopher.
The Men Bo and his groomsmen gather for a photo.
Kissing Couple Bo and Anna kiss under the trellis.
The Groom Bo with Chi Chi
Bo and Anna Bo and Anna smile.
Anna and Bo This cute couple is enjoying their day.
Husband and Wife Anna and Bo are now married.
Cake Fight You had to know this was going to happen.