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Photos   -  My Big Redneck Wedding 2: Sabrena and Blair

Ready to Roll Large trucks are an important element in this wedding.
The Groomsmen The men pose for a photo.
Let the Procession Begin The fire department was a big part of the wedding.
Flower Girl Family members try to prepare the flower girl for her job.
Beer Can Fashion Beer cans make great headwear.
Muddin' It's not a real redneck wedding without lots of mud.
The Bride Here comes the bride.
Here Comes the Bride Sabrena is escorted.
Ladies in Waiting The ladies are dressed in their best.
Do You Take .... Sabrena and Blair say their vows.
Husband and Wife Sabrena and Blair are now married.
Celebration The wedding party celebrates the union of Sabrina and Blair.
Get in Line Guests line up to greet the bride and groom.
Happy Couple Sabrena and Blair pose for a photo.
Ride in Style The couple ride out in a General Lee.
My Big Redneck Wedding Sabrena and Blair