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Photos   -  Orange County Choppers

Working Hard Rick Petko (left) and Christian Welter work together at Orange County Choppers.
Hot Design Jason Pohl works on an exciting new bike design for Orange County Choppers.
Ta-Da! Jason Pohl shows off his newest motorcycle design.
Shiny and New Christian Welter puts together an original Orange County Choppers motorcycle.
Dragon Head Jason Pohl (left) and Steve Moreau work together on a monster of a bike.
Dragon Head Paul Teutul Sr. talks to friend and employee Steve Moreau about the newest bike design.
Creativity Counts Veteran Orange County Choppers employee, Rick Petko, works on another innovative motorcycle.
Putting It Together Phil Nask is hard at work at Orange County Choppers.
True Talent Orange County Choppers workers are skilled in all aspects of motorcycle manufacturing and fabrication.
Original Work Jason Pohl and Ralph Estrada create a custom piece for one of Orange County Choppers' original creations.
Planning the Details Rick Petko (left) and Christian Welter use their years of experience to work out the logistics on a new Orange County Choppers motorcycle.
Bike Fabrication Paul Teutul Sr. gets into the details of bike fabrication at Orange County Choppers.
Sparks Are Flying New employee Evan Favaro sends sparks flying at the shop of Orange County Choppers.
Building a Bike Longtime employee Christian Welter works hard on a motorcycle at Orange County Choppers.
A New Design Christian Welter (left), new employee Evan Favaro and Paul Teutul Sr. consult over a new bike design at Orange County Choppers.