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Photos   -  Party Down South: Cuddling Days Are Over

Who Wears Short Shorts? Walt wonders how Tiffany's shorts would look on him.
Friends Forever The roommates spend some quality time together in their backyard.
Everybody's Welcomed The roommates invite over a few friends and hang out in the backyard.
Cracking Up Mattie (right), Walt and Lauren goof off.
Heck Yeah! Murray and Lil' Bit are excited about racing school buses.
Here's the Plan The roommates get details on racing school buses.
Hold on Tight Lauren (left) and Mattie brace themselves for a wild ride.
Talking Shop Murray (left), Lyle and Mattie chat with their co-workers.
The Need for Speed The roommates prepare to race school buses at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.
A Little Overwhelming Lil' Bit takes the drivers seat in a school bus.