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Photos   -  Party Down South: Payback's a Fish

Hug It Out The roommates and their friends share a hug.
Bikini Boy Lauren helps Lyle try on a bikini top.
Party Time The roommates head out for the night.
Showing Off Mattie (left) and Lil' Bit (second from right) compete in a bikini contest.
Girl Talk Lil' Bit (left) and Mattie hang out in their room.
Taking a Stroll The roommates prepare to say goodbye after their wild summer in South Carolina.
Here's to Us The roommates raise their glasses and share a toast.
Pretty Sneaky Mattie (right), Tiffany and Lil' Bit snoop on a roommate.
Packing Time Lil' Bit packs her suitcase with the help of duct tape.
A Tearful Goodbye The roommates prepare to part ways at the end of the summer.
Loading Up Lil' Bit takes her suitcase to her car.