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Photos   -  Redneck Island 202

Beer Fest The castaways are in costume for a group challenge.
Challenge Rules The rednecks listen to the rules of their group challenge.
Fun Times The castaways enjoy hearing about their group challenge.
Slip Sliding Away The rednecks don't want to spill a drop of their beer during the group challenge.
Big Tumble A castaway gives it everything he has to win a challenge.
Messy Challenge The rednecks support each other in the group challenge.
Slippery Task The rednecks work hard to earn a good meal.
Teamwork The castaways work together to win a good meal.
Slip Sliding The castaways have trouble with the group challenge.
Ready for the Challenge The group heads to the beach for their next challenge.
Let the Game Begin Castaways wait for the big challenge to begin.
Redneck Surfing The teams work hard to bring their castaways to the beach.
Out to Sea The rednecks wait for their teammates to pull them in to shore.
A Puzzling Challenge The rednecks hurry to get the puzzle started.
Solving the Puzzle The teams try to arrange puzzle pieces.
Good Work The winning team celebrates their success.
Puzzle Solved Solving the fish puzzle keeps one team safe.