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Photos   -  Redneck Island 302: Beer Belly Flop

Ready for Action The rednecks arrive on the beach for their next challenge.
Climbing to New Heights A redneck climbs up to the platform for the big challenge.
Fight to Feast The castaways learn that they could earn a big meal -- with beer -- in their next challenge.
Candy's Turn Candy shows them how it's done.
Lindsey's Turn Lindsey does a great job bobbing for prizes.
Misty Takes Over Misty doesn't come up for air until she gets the prize.
Going All-Out Another castaway takes his turn in the challenge.
Joe's Turn Joe takes his turn in helping the castaways earn a big meal.
A Big Leap A castaway takes a leap of faith in hopes of taking down a beer can.
The Race Is On The rednecks give it all they've got to win this challenge.