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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions Artist: Charlie Daniels

Rockin' Out The Charlie Daniels Band tape their <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Performing Onstage Charlie Daniels (left) playing fiddle onstage at Studio 330 Sessions
Playing Guitar Chris Wormer playing guitar at Studio 330 Sessions.
Playing Music Taz DeGregorio on keyboard at Studio 330 Sessions
Keeping Beat Pat McDonald playing drums at Studio 330 Sessions.
Putting on a Show The coolest ole boy in the biz -- Charlie Daniels at Studio 330 Sessions
Chatting It Up Charlie Daniels and band members onstage at Studio 330 Sessions
Pick It Bassist Charlie Hayward playing guitar at Studio 330 Sessions.
Playing Fiddle Charlie Daniels plays fiddle for the taping
Rockin' the Show Chris Wormer (left) and Charlie Daniels (right) at Studio 330 Sessions
Jamming Out Taz DeGregorio plays keyboards
Fiddle Playin' Charlie Daniels puts on a performance at Studio 330 Sessions.
Striking a Chord Charlie Daniels playing his Chet Atkins signature guitar.
Behind the Scenes Charlie Daniels takes a moment to pose with a friend after his performance on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Meet and Greet Charlie Daniels and a <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> crew member chat after the performance.
Getting Ready Charlie Daniels is miked for his interview with <B>CMT</
Stike a Pose Charlie Daniels poses on the <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> set before his interview with <B>CMT</B>.com.
Can I Have Your Autograph? Charlie Daniels signs a <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i> guitar after his live performance.
Sign Here Please Charlie Daniels signs some CMT auction items.
Worth a Lot The <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> guitar with signatures such as Jamey Johnson, Shawn Mullins, Marty Stuart, Kimberly Caldwell, Gary Nichols, Todd Snider, Charlie Daniels and Brian Littrell.