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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions Artist: Holly Williams

An Intimate Performance Holly Williams looks down at her guitar during her live <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.
Under the Lights Holly Williams onstage during her <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance
Feeling the Music Holly Williams closes her eyes as she performs onstage at <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
In the Spotlight Holly Williams plays the guitar while she performs on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Like Mother, Like Daughter Holly Williams (left) sits next to her mother, Becky, while she performs a tribute song for her called "Mama" on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Sharing the Spotlight Holly Williams (left) sits next to her mother, Becky, onstage of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Acoustic Performance Holly Williams feels the music while she performs live on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Taking a Seat Holly Williams onstage at <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>
Live Performance Holly Williams performs an acoustic set during her <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.