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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions Artist: Josh Turner

Crew Members Setting Up <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> crew members set up the studio for Josh Turner to perform.
Singing His Hits Josh Turner performs on the set of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Singing For You Josh Turner performs on set of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Pick It Derek Wells plays the acoustic guitar during Josh Turner's <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i> performance.
Bringin' the Noise Josh Turner and band perform on set of <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Playing Fiddle Jordan Lawson (center) plays the fiddle with the rest of the band during Josh Turner's <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>performance.
Smiling and Playing Josh Turner smiles during his <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i> performance.
Breaking It Down Joey Click plays the bass during Josh Turner's <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i> performance.
All Ears Josh Turner listens to a question during his interview with <B>CMT</B>.com.
Funny Man Josh Turner laughs during his interview with <B>CMT</B>.com
Poses for a Shot Josh Turner poses for the camera before his <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i> interview.
All Smiles Josh Turner smiles during his interview with <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Signing CMT Guitar Josh Turner signs the <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> guitar after his live performance.
Signing CMT Poster Josh Turner takes time to sign CMT posters after his <I>Unplugged at Studio 330</I> performance.