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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions Artist: Shooter Jennings

Lights, Camera, Action All lights are focused on Shooter Jennings as he and his band perform live on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Shooter Jennings and the Band Garry Murray (left), Shooter Jennings, Brian Keeling and Gordon Hartin perform live on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Shooter Rocks the Studio Shooter Jennings (center) plays guitar with his band during his performance on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Keeping the Beat Brian Keeling plays the drums during Shooter Jennings' <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.
Coley Reed Strums the Guitar Shooter Jennings' guitarist Coley Reed plays under the spotlight.
A Reassuring Smiles Gordon Hartin smiles while playing the steel guitar on set of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Playing and Performing Shooter Jennings plays guitar while Brian Keeling keeps the beat with the drums.
Performing Live Shooter Jennings (center) and band perform live on set of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Focusing on the Music Shooter Jennings (left) plays guitar and sings with Gordon Hartin.
Performing Under the Lights The <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> lighting creates an intimate backdrop during Shooter Jennings' performance.
Belting a Note Shooter Jennings strains to reach a note and Garry Murray plays the fiddle.
Raising His Fist Shooter Jennings shakes his fist in the air while he belts out a note during his <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.
Performing Live Coley Reed (left) and Ted Kamp focus on their individual guitars.
In the Groove Coley Reed (left), Ted Kamp and Shooter Jennings perform live on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Playing in the Spotlight Coley Reed (left), Shooter Jennings and Ted Kamp perform under the lights.
Keeping the Beat and Focusing Brian Keeling plays drums while Gordon Hartin concentrates on the steel guitar.