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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions Artists: Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser

Live Performance Jamey Johnson (center) plays the guitar and sings during his live and acoustic <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.
Making Music Jamey Johnson (center) performs new music from album, <I>That Lonesome Song</I>, in this live and acoustic performance.
A Powerful Performance Jamey Johnson looks in the camera as he performs live on <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
An Acoustic Performance Jamey Johnson (left) plays guitar while he sings.
Live on Set Jamey Johnson (center) on set of his exclusive and live <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance
Camera Ready A shot of Jamey Johnson can be seen on the camera during his performance.
Performing Live Jamey Johnson (center) playing his guitar during his <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance
In the Limelight A spotlight shines on Jamey Johnson (center) during his acoustic <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I> performance.
In the Studio Jamey Johnson (center) on set of <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>
Making Music Jamey Johnson (center) performs live in an exclusive <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.
Playing in Key Eric Kinney plays the keyboard during Randy Houser's <I>Studio 330 Sessions</I>.