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Photos   -  Studio 330 Sessions: John Cowan

Performing Live John Cowan (center) and band at <i?Studio 330 Sessions</i>
Concentrating on Playing Guitar John Cowan (left), Wayne Benson (center) and Jeff Autry (right) onstage at <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>
Getting Into It John Cowan records for CMT's <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Strumming Along Wayne Benson (left) and Jeff Autry (right) performing at <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Rockin' Out Noam Pikelny (left) and Shad Cobb (right) playing onstage <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Rockin' the Show Jeff Autry playing guitar at <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>.
Bringin' the Noise John Cowan performs at <i>Studio 330 Sessions</i>