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Photos   -  Sweet Home Alabama 302

One-on-One Date Paige and David get to know each other.
Carriage Ride Paige and David take in the scenery during their one-on-one date.
Taking Aim Paige focuses in on her target during the heated paintball shootout.
Ready to Play The opposing sides get focus for their first challenge.
Ready to Go The suitors devising a strategy for the paintball challenge.
Fun Times Paige enjoys a few laughs before the paintball challenge.
Let the Games Begin One of the opposing teams takes cover during paintball challenge.
A Girl and Her Gun Paige shows off her gun.
Playing in the Dirt Todd takes a ride in the bulldozer.
Home Again Suitors return home from the paintball challenge.
Washing Up Suitors clean-up after paintball challenge.
Bumps and Bruises The city guys repair their bruises.
Guy Talk The suitors have a chat.
Thinking Man Severn thinks about the upcoming elimination.
Stay or Go? Landon ponders over the next elimination.
Playing Games The guys attempt to have fun before the upcoming eliminations.