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Photos   -  Sweet Home Alabama Ep. 101

Looking for Love Devin meets country boys and city boys, hoping to find love.
Housemates Adam, Kash, and Beau are the first men to get check out the house.
Arrival Cody and Collin arrive at the house.
City Boys Arrive The city guys begin to arrive at the house.
Competition The rivalry between the city guys and the country guys begins.
First Impressions Devin and the guys meet for the first time.
Devin and Kash Kash has the first one-on-one talk with Devin.
Devin and Pete Devin and Pete sit down for a chat.
Big Hug Devin and Adam hug.
Fun Times Jeff teaches Devin how to fist pump.
Big Decision Beau decides to leave the competition.
Goodbye Devin doesn't see a future with Matt, and he is eliminated.
First Date Devin asks Adam to be the first guy to go out on a date with her.
First Date The differences between Devin and Mark cause him to be the second elimination.