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Photos   -  Tattoo Titans: Bad-Ass Babes

Meet the Contestants Each contestant awaits his or her comments from the judges panel.
Inking Out a Plan The contestants work together in order to excel at the next challenge.
Awaiting Their Fate The contestants hear the critiques from the judges panel.
The Unveiling The contestants vie for the chance to become the next Tattoo Titan.
A Steady Hand One contestant works his skills in hopes of winning over the <I>Tattoo Titans</I> judges.
Finalizing the Plan Each contestant has high hopes of becoming crowned the next Tattoo Titan.
And the Winner Is ... One contestant jumps for joy after hearing the <I>Tattoo Titans</I> judges announcement.
Painful Beauty One contestant does his best artwork in hopes of becoming the next Tattoo Titan.
Brainstorming One contestant checsk out his client's ideas for a new tattoo.