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Photos   -  Tattoo Titans: God & Guns

A Painful Pleasure One client feels the pain of her new ink.
Inking Her Plan One contestant draws the plans for her patriotic tattoo.
The Eagle Has Landed One client shows his patriotism through his ink.
In Action ... One of the <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestants puts his skills to the test.
<I>Tattoo Titan</I> Contestant One of the <I>Tattoo Titans</I> is featured during the <I>God & Guns</I> episode.
Before the Judges The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestants await the judges' commentary.
Brainstorming One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant discusses the tattoo plan with his client.
What Do You Think? One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant shows his inked plan to his client.
And the Winner Is ... The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> judges deliver the news.
Work of Art One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant works on a patriotic tattoo for his client's arm.