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Photos   -  Tattoo Titans: In Memoriam

Inking Out a Plan One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant talks about a tattoo plan with his client.
A Work In Progress One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant maps out his future artwork.
Concentration Is Key One <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant makes sure to have a steady hand during his tattoo session.
Judges, Meet the Contestants The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> judges prepare their tattoo analysis.
The Contestants The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestants await their fate.
The Unveiling The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestants reveal their inked masterpieces.
Making His Mark The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant works on his next challenge.
Tattoo Titan Hopeful The <I>Tattoo Titans</I> contestant does his best honorary tattoo.