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Photos   -  Tattoo Titans: Music City Dreams

The Judges Panel The judges decide on who they they will crown the next Tattoo Titan.
And the Winner Is ... The contestants await their fate of will be crowned the next Tattoo Titan.
Making Her Mark One contestant gets a "leg up" on the competition.
Music City Dreaming One contestant puts their artwork on display.
Mapping Out the Ink One contestant hopes his artwork is <I>Tattoo Titans</I> material.
Howdy, Partner One contestant inks a cowgirl during her <I>Tattoo Titans</I> challenge.
And the Winner Is ... The contestants line up before the judges to hear who will be revealed as the next Tattoo Titan.
Brainstorming The contestants draw out their inking plans in hopes of being named the next Tattoo Titan.
Beauty Is Pain One contestant gets to work on her latest tattoo.
Inking Her Artwork One contestant puts her skills to the test in hopes of becoming the next Tattoo Titan.