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Photos   -  The Singing Bee Season 2

The Band The Singing Bee band entertains the crowd.
Melissa Peterman Host Melissa Peterman is back for a second season.
Trophy Girl Host Melissa Peterman is ready to find contestants to compete for a trophy and cash prize.
Ready to Compete Host Melissa Peterman smiles with a couple of contestants.
Get It Right Host Melissa Peterman cheers on a contestant.
Sing Along Contestants sing with host Melissa Peterman.
She Takes the Prize Contestants cheer for the winner.
Dance Along Host Melissa Peterman dances while a contestant sings.
Action Packed Host Melissa Peterman and a contestant are full of energy.
One Step Closer A contestant is closer to winning the trophy and cash prize.
Sing that Song A contestant takes his turn in the competition.
Time to Celebrate A contestant is happy with his turn at singing.
Going for the Prize A contestant tries his best to get the lyrics right.
A Winner Host Melissa Peterman congratulates a contestant.