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Photos   -  Throwback Thursday: '90's Fashions

The 35th Annual Grammy Awards Billy Ray Cyrus rocks a total '90's look with his mullet and jeans.
Billboard Music Awards Faith Hill is stunning in red at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards.
Toby Keith's '90's Look Toby Keith's layered jean outfit is quintessential '90's.
Alison Krauss' '90's Style Alison Krauss' turtleneck is on point with '90's trends.
<I>The Tonight Show with Jay Leno</I> Patty Loveless takes on the '90's trenchcoat and black opaque tights trend while performing on <I>The Tonight Show with Jay Leno</I> on May 26, 1993.
Academy Of Country Music Awards Faith Hill and Naomi Judd model different '90's styles while in Los Angeles, California.
<I>Wild America</I> Premiere Randy Travis keeps up with the '90's leather jacket trend at the <I>Wild America</I> premiere.
19th Annual People's Choice Awards Reba McEntire is a total '90's girl, rocking both big hair and shoulder pads at the 19th annual People's Choice Awards.
Tim McGraw '90's Tim McGraw keeps up with '90's fashions with this corduroy blazer.
Travis Tritt's '90's Look Travis Tritt is an All-American '90's man in this jean vest.
<I>The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw</I> Reba McEntire shows off the all-black, leather look at the premiere of <I>The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw</I>.
Billboard Music Awards Shania Twain bears her midriff at the Billboard Music Awards on December 6, 1995.
Patty Loveless' Style Patty Loveless wears a '90's styled outfit while performing.
Travis Tritt's '90's Style Travis Tritt is all '90's in his gypsy top.