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Photos   -  Tobacco Wars

Time to Rise and Shine The sun rises on the Gainous farm.
All in a Day's Work Zeke drives a tractor on the Gainous farm.
Nick Leads the Charge Nick (center) and the crew keep busy on the Gainous farm.
Teamwork Nick and Jess work on the Riggins farm.
A Well-Deserved Break The Gainous farm crew hangs out after a hard day's work.
Backbreaking Work Mark and Hope team up on the Law farm.
Under the Blistering Sun Mark and his daughters load up a truckload of tobacco on the Law farm.
Leading the Way Hope carries tobacco to the truck on the Law farm.
Taking Stock Ellen and Mark check out pumpkins from the Law farm.
Working Girls Hope (left) and Ellen sell pumpkins grown at the Law farm.