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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 125

Cuddle Up Will working on a goat farm help turn around the attitudes of two unruly teens?
The Robinson Family Can the Robinsons teach two teenagers how to behave?
Playing With the Goats The two teens learn the value of hard work on the Robinson's goat farm.
Antonia Will the Robinson's guidance help Antonia change her attitude?
Antonia Performs Chores Antonia helps out with the chores on the Robinson's goat farm.
Work Hard, Play Hard One of the teens shares a carefree moment with the family.
The Robinsons and Antonia The Robinsons pose for a picture with Antonia. Their intervention has tried to help her change her unappreciative attitude.
Hugs All Around The Robinsons help unruly teen, Myles, to change his out-of-control lifestyle.
Myles Enjoys the Outdoors Myles takes a walk around the family's goat farm.
Myles Helps With Family Chores Myles learns about hard work on the Robinson's goat farm by helping out with chores and duties.
Myles Shows Talent Myles shares his musical talent while at the Robinsons.