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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 201

Hard Work Can hard work help Kelsey change her ways?
Getting Ready A little buy spray can help make chores much easier.
Challenging Chores Kelsey and Zach aren't enjoying helping out on the farm.
Watch Dogs The dogs keep an eye on the teens.
Camera Man Zach tries out a camera.
Behind the Scenes A camera man catches all the action.
Tough Job Zach doesn't like helping out in the woods.
Pitching In The girls are working hard.
Work on the Farm Kelsey tries to get out of helping out.
Hanging Out Kelsey rests on the farm.
Time for a Chat Can a new family help turn a teenager around?
Taking a Break Kelsey enjoys a drink of water.
Checking it Out The dogs watch the family work on the farm.
Curious Cow A cow checks out the action.
Snake Handlers Kelsey handles the family's snake.
A Lesson on Snakes Kelsey helps teach kids about snakes.
Family Pet A snake is part of educating visitors to the farm.
A Sour Job Kelsey and Zach help make lemonaid for the guests.
Kidding Around A baby goat wants in on the action.
Camels The family farm includes camels and zebras.
What a Face An ostrich smiles for the camera.
Donkeys Donkeys roam the farm.
Zebra A zebra checks out the crew.
Ponies Ponies roam the farm.
Seeing Stripes The family zebras take time for a snack.