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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 202

Working Hard The girls get to work in the garden.
Missed A Spot The teens are instructed on how to complete their chores.
Breaking A Sweat The teenagers learn what hard work really is.
Gather Around The entire group comes together for a family meal.
Helping Out The kids take on the task of picking up firewood.
Diggin' Ditches The Malones put the teens to work.
Taking Orders The teens receive instruction on their next project.
Weed Work Gina concentrates on the task at hand.
"Drop and Give Me Twenty!" Gina shouts orders to the team during practice.
Running Drills Gina plays "coach" to a group of soccer players.
The Letter Gina takes a moment to read a heartfelt letter from her family.
A Deep Discussion Pamela and Gina open up in an honest conversation.
Yardwork The boys work together to cut some trees for firewood.
Keep At It Gina stays hard at work completing the chores assigned to her.