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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 203

Family Photo The Smith clan gathers for a group shot.
Family Picnic The teens enjoy an outdoor meal with the Smiths.
Taking A Break These girls show that life on the farm is never too busy for a little fun!
Showtime! The guys watch the girls' backyard performance.
Let's Dance! The family learns some cheerleading moves.
Giddy Up! The family visits the stables for a horseride.
Dirty Work The teens participate in stable-cleaning duties.
Tough Job It looks like the teens have their work cut out for them!
Asking For Help A teen works on stable chores.
Tidying Up It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
Housekeeping The horses' stables are thoroughly cleaned out.
Learning From A Pro The teens learn how to complete their assigned chores properly.