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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 205

Up and at 'Em The family gets an early start with a morning jog.
Hard at Work Performing chores at the pumpkin farm
"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" The right footwear is necessary for working in the pasture.
Fun at the Farm The teens participate in some painting at the pumpkin farm.
A Domestic Dialogue The Bledsoes participate in a family talk in the kitchen.
Ready to Go! This teen appears excited about the day's activities.
Puppy Face Breeding Rottweilers is just one of several of the Bledsoes' family businesses.
Ready for Action Getting prepared to complete the next job
Hard Work This girl proves that tough work isn't just for guys.
Taking Note The teens are taught to listen to and take instruction from their superiors.
Puppy Love A crew member plays with a dog on set.
Joyride A couple of girls have some fun on the bulldozer.
Learning the Ropes A teen is shown how to work the equipment.
All Together The Bledsoes pose for a snapshot in their yard.
Behind the Scenes The WSP crew catches the teens at work.
Countryside Labor The family starts their work in the field.
Keep It Up A teen moves on to his next assignment.
Relaxing The kids take it easy on some hay bales during a break from their workday.